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About Cell Broadcasting
What is Cell Broadcast?

It is a technology that allows you to receive a message that was selected for the region you are at using mobile network providers.

You will be reached very quickly despite the overloaded network, which is a common factor in extreme situations.

The transmission of short messages does not require the search of certain subscribers or your phone number.

How Does it Work?

1. Institution in charge registers the event in MASS ALERT System and indicates as specific information about the situation as possible (time, location, level of danger, etc.).

2. After the operator receives initial information about the event, it  identifies the areas of danger.

3. Alert messages are sent to the mobile phone subscribers.

4. Alert messages reach only the subscribers who are in location identified as dangerous at the time of message sending. 

5. Subscribers who received the messages take the precautions.

Advantages of Cell Broadcast

Cell Broadcast technology enables you to :

  • receive an unlimited number of messages with no limit of content;
  • receive the content adapted to people of each location;
  • inform not only the residents, but also the guests;
  • select the preferred language;
  • reach you regardless the overloaded network.