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About the Project

The aim of  MASS ALERT is alert people about the rising risk and to provide information needed to get as little harm as possible. This is achieved by sending the messages directly to the devices people are using in danger zone.

MASS ALERT uses two technologies for message sending:

-Modern applications for smart phones,  tablets,  laptops or stationary computers

- Cell Broadcast technology

  Advantages of  MASS ALERT system:
  • Large number of people may be alerted at once;
  • Alerts may be received people from selected geographical areas;
  • Alerts instantly appear on the screen of the mobile phone;
  • The messages may be received in multiple languages;
  • The warning message may also contain security instructions;
  • Alerts may be sent on the time needed and may be repeated as often as necessary;
  • The system is not affected by network overload – one message can be sent to the people of the whole country in a few minutes.