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Why is it worth choosing MASS ALERT solution to the organization of your country?


  • MASS ALERT System ensures a thorough information spread for residents and country guest regardless of the phone technology or distance to the bigger  cities;
  • System is not affected by overloaded network – one alert may be transmitted to the citizens of the whole country just in a few minutes (using both Cell Broadcast technology and MASS ALERT applications);
  • Alerts may be targeted and broadcasted to selected geographical areas;
  • Alerts instantly appear on the screen of a mobile phone or computer accompanied by a special alert sound;
  • The text may be transmitted in multiple languages;
  • The warning message may also contain security instructions, URL links, video material;
  • Alerts may be sent on the selected time and may be repeated as often as necessary;
  • MASS ALERT may be integrated with other systems and devices that support Web Service technology and have more features.